2004 When Maïra Rachmadiev was 16 years old she decided to create an alter ego bird to help her deal with life and all its tribulations:
Krüger the Cranky Bird was born.
Where Maïra would keep quiet when someone cut in line at the store, Krüger would probably not say anything either… but he would whisper something evil spirited under his breath… (soft enough for someone to turn around and know what is up, not quite loud enough for someone to actually say anything about it).

2006 The same year that Krüger the Cranky Bird was discreetly immortalized in ink, Maïra decided to start making movies. Krüger’s services were no longer required. He got angry and took action; he sued Maïra.

2007 After a lengthy court battle a settlement was reached. Maïra will continue to use the name Cranky Bird for her services as a producer and developer of concepts for music videos, films, TV and web series. She also works as a freelance art director and stylist.